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I am Dr Simon Smale, a UK based gastroenterologist who works full time for the NHS.

In creating this site I hope to give patients and visitors a guide to some common gastrointestinal symptoms and diagnoses. I also hope to convey useful and accurate information about  investigations and treatments used by gastroenterologists and other health care professionals managing gastrointestinal diseases.

It is not intended as a guide to diagnosis or treatment and should  not be used as a replacement for consultation with an appropriately trained health professional.

I have largely omitted  gastrointestinal cancers as these form a small part of my work and information about cancer is often freely available from other agencies.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

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New videos, PDFs and Events will be coming soon

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On occasion I participate in or organise public meetings where people can hear experts talk about their areas of expertise, ask them questions and discuss issues of interest.
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Dr Simon Smale

works at Manchester University Foundation Trust and York Nuffield Hospital.

He has been a Consultant Gastroenterologist since 2005 and currently has a number of additional voluntary roles on top of his NHS work.

If you wish to be seen as a private patient please contact his private PA, Claire on 

07778 532043

email; or visit my private patient website;


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