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This is a tumour which originates within the bile ducts. It may start as a small growth either within the bile ducts within or out side of the liver. Cholangiocarcinomas may present with jaundice, due to obstruction of the bile duct or less commonly abdominal pain. On occasion it is found incidentally when scans are undertaken for other reasons. Decisions regarding treatment are usually based on a combination of the location, extent and symptoms related to the tumour and the general fitness and co-morbidities of the patient.Further imaging such as CT scanning, MRCP or/and ERCP is often indicated. It may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stenting of the tumour or supportive care alone. Such decisions are made in the UK following multi-disciplinary team discussion. The MDT usually consists of a team of surgeons, radiologists, cancer specialists, dietitians, nurses and gastroenterologists amongst others.

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