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Lifestyle - general tips

Whatever disease you have it is important to make good lifestyle choices. Disease outcome is significantly influenced by the choices people make in their day to day lives. In general good principles to follow are;

  1. Identify leisure time and think about how you can make the most of this.

  2. Create relaxation time.  Yoga, aromatherapy, massage, reading  or listening to relaxing music may help you to achieve this.

  3. Ensure you have good coping strategies to manage everyday stressors in life, such as work, education or family.

  4. Take regular exercise, try to find a form of exercise you enjoy, start slowly and gradually build up the amount you are doing over time.

  5. Avoid smoking

  6. Drink less alcohol,

Both stopping smoking and avoiding alcohol are sometimes very difficult things to do. Such habits are often driven by a the fact that doing them leads to satisfaction of a particular craving. Such cravings are often controlled by a neuro-transmitter (brain messenger chemical) called dopamine. Once we establish a habit the taking of an addictive substance leads to dopamine release which makes us feel “better,” just like when we satisfy one of our other central drives such as the need for food or sleep.

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